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Covid-19 Update

As you are no doubt aware of all the news around the Coronavirus (Covid-19) global pandemic and we feel it is necessary to send an update on our stance to all our clients regarding this. This is something that the country hasn’t had to experience for a very long time and has an impact on everyone.

We have seen events cancel across the board with sporting fixtures such as formula one, and football postponing them indefinitely, all GP face to face appointments cancelled and conferences cancelled across all sectors. Outside of the UK some countries going to extreme measures to help keep their citizens safe by closing schools, collages and banning mass gatherings. We personally think that what we are seeing in Italy, France and Ireland will happen in the UK, its just a matter of When rather than If.

That being the case when the UK ban on mass public gatherings occur it will more than likely affect your event, depending on when it is enforced, and for how long the enforcement is in place for. We are monitoring daily any news published by the Government, the NHS and Public Health England and any change in that information we must act on immediately and without hesitation to keep the band members, close at risk close family members and our customers safe.

These are unprecedented times that we have never seen before and to help our clients out as much as possible we are offing the following:

  • When measure are put in place that directly affects your event, we have decided to waver all our terms and conditions.

  • You can choose one of the following options:

  • Subject to availability, we will perform for you on a different date of your choosing or

  • A complete 100% refund of any balance paid towards your booking (this includes the full deposit refund as well which is usually non-refundable)

We completely understand how difficult it must be for you, after spending countless hours planning your event to have something like this happen which could directly affect it. There are no time restrictions on the above as we appreciate that we have no idea for home long this crisis will go on for. If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us at any time and we will endeavour to assist as best we can.

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